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Frustrated about trying to become a
Professional, Working Actor all on your own?

Want An Agent Who Gets You More Auditions?

It's Time To Get An Agent Who Gets You

Every month, actors all over Los Angeles get called in for interviews by legitimate Los Angeles talent agencies.


These actors who have a great agent are the same actors who are also getting sent out on the hundreds of auditions and casting calls going on every single day in Los Angeles for the biggest TV shows, feature films, and commercials that are being cast anywhere in the world.


These are the same actors that you see getting cast in parts on TV shows and movies that you know you would be perfect for. These are the roles you want!


But if you're like most actors, you're not even getting a chance to the audition for the roles you want. Are you?


Maybe you've had a crappy agent or two. Or maybe you've never been able to find one.


But chances are, at this very moment, you would love nothing more than to find an agent who will take you seriously. And get you out on auditions for projects that could take your career to the next level. Am I right? Or at least in the ball park of what you're feeling?


If that's where you are, then I'll tell you something else I know: It's hard to keep at it all on your own.


It's hard to keep yourself motivated when the offices of Hollywood are locked so tight that you can't even get an audition.


You think it might be your headshots. Or your resume. Or maybe you should pay someone to shoot a couple professional looking scenes for a demo reel. So you do that.

Then you put all your new stuff on Actors Access.


Maybe send out a few letters to some agents you found on a list in a Samuel French book that you later discover is about five years old and out of date and half the agents aren't even in the business anymore. And what do you get?


More frustration.


More angst.


More disappointment.


I feel your pain. I've heard similar stories from literally thousands of actors I've worked with. In fact, in the past I felt it myself when I was pursuing an acting career. I felt powerless at the time.


But then it hit me....


If you're wondering... "Are you gonna tell me there's a better way?" You would be right on track, because I am.


At some point in the past, it hit me that I should bring my marketing and computer skills to my acting career. That's when I went through a whole process to create my own proprietary Smart Girls Cover Letter Mailing To Agents.


With this system, we make it easy for you to be successful.


Here's what some of our clients recently wrote:


Reetu Patel Actor


Nathaniel Bell Actor


Rizi Timane Actor


It's hard to find the time to do the research on all of the agents to make sure that if you do get with one that you are with someone who will actually help you in your career not just put you on the shelf.


Any way you look at it, when you are seeking a new agent, it is simply not a fun part of what you have to do for your acting career. Not to mention the fact that it can takes weeks or even months or years.


But that's where Smart Girls can help you! We DO think it's fun -- we're a little geeky that way. We love tracking everyone in Hollywood and matching you up. We also love empowering you in your career. It gives us great satifaction to help you take your career into your own hands.


And we have a system down for doing it Very Quickly and Very Effectively. In fact:


We make it so easy for you, it's ridiculous!

How We Can Help You Get A Talent Agent in Los Angeles


Instead of you doing all the leg work on your own to try to find someone, we've already done it and have been tracking these agencies and agents in L.A. for many years. We have stores of data about how good they are, what type of actors they want, the level of actor they represent, howeffective they are.


We even keep track of the ones who have bad business practices that we have learned about so that we can make sure we do not send to them.


How To Get Started


The first thing we do is to have you fill out a Profile asking lots of questions about how your background. You may have many years of experience or you may be relatively new. Wherever you are in your career is fine. You fill out the Actor Profile and send that back to us along with your headshot and resume.


Once we get that, we will write a cover letter for you highlighting what the agents would love most about you. You get a chance to review the letter and make any changes you want.


Once we finalize the letter, then we select the best current agents for you based on where you are in your career and what is next.


After that, we print the letters out personally addressed to each individual agent targeted for you. We also give you the address labels for them. And show you the best way to put everything together to get the most responses.


You send the letters out. And the agents call you directly if they are interested! How soon might they call?

You could get calls, directly to your phone,
from one or more of the Los Angeles Talent Agents
within 24 hours and up to 4 or 5 weeks later!

When you get those calls. We love to hear back from you about your results. And we also can give you feedback on who is best for you out of all the agents who called you.


Give youself the opportunity to get signed with one of the legitimate talent agencies in L.A. through our professional Cover Letter Mailing to Agents.

Get Your Cover Letter Mailing
To Find an Agent in L.A. For Your Acting Career!
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Every month hundreds of actors are getting called by good, solid, real Hollywood talent agents -- not ones that charge you to represent you.


You can give youself the opportunity to get signed with one of the legitimate talent agencies in L.A. through our professional Cover Letter Mailing to Agents.


Since 1992, we have helped well over 5000 actors get agents through our proessional Mailings to Agents. It's a very straightforward and powerful system that we created to help you land the best possible agent for you--no matter what level you are at in your career -- whether you don't yet have major credits or you've already had your own TV series.

What You Get With Your Smart Mailing™ to Talent Agencies in L.A.

No more procrastinating for weeks
and months thinking about doing a mailing,

you get it done today!

And it's very simple. To repeat what I explained in the video above.

You place your order (over the phone or online). You get a link to the Actor's Green Room where you will fill out a basic questionnaire on your background. Using information on your credits, training, what roles you would be right for, what actors you're the same type as, and so on, we write a letter for you -- highlighting the facts about you that would be of most interest to the agents.


Once we finish, you get a chance to review the letter and make any changes you want. Once you approve the letter to the talent agencies, then we strategize with you on what you want in an agent. Then using our proprietary SmartStudio™ software that rates the agents A,B,C, or D, we hand-pick the agents (or managers) that are best for you based on where you are in your career and what your goals are.


After we hand-pick your custom list of agents, we then print out each of your letters addressed to the individual agent (not just the agency). We also give you the address labels, return labels, and a listing of your agents for reference, along with the A, B, C, or D rating we give that agency.


Once the mailing is done, we show you exactly the BEST way to mail it out -- with lots of important little tips and tricks that we've learned over the years to give you your best chances of getting your envelopes opened.


At that point, you put the letters with your picture and resume and mail it out. Talent agencies in L.A. will typically call anywhere from the next day to the three or four weeks later if they are interested!

We've a maintained an 80% plus Success Rate
since starting in 1992
We make it so EASY for you it’s ridiculous!
Pick up the phone and make your appointment today
Call us at (818) 907-6511.

You can choose to go to 75 or 100 Agents or Managers or a Booty Kicker combo of both. Bump up your chances and save $50 when you do an Agent Mailing and Manager Mailing at the same time.


Single Mailings
75 Agent Mailing $250 or 75 Manager Mailing $250

Booty Kicker Packages
75 Agents and 75 Managers = $450


When you place your order you will gain Immediate Access to the Actors Green Room where you will be able to screen the videos that will get you started on the process of doing your Smart Girls Agent Mailing.


Select your quantity above and place your order
to gain Instant Access to the Green Room right now.


Again, to summarize the package, it includes:

  • A professional cover letter written for you to highlight you at your best.  You will be amazed at how changing the wording on basic credits can sound so much better while still saying the same thing.  The letter will also highlight what will make you stand out – it’s not what you think!
  • A hand-picked list of agents or managers that are just right for you. We make sure you are mailing to ones that are at the right level to take you up to the next level in your career.
  • A tip sheet on the best way to mail your packages out so that you don’t look like a desperate, amateur greenie, who is trying hard to impress and ruining your chances in the process.
  • You get feedback on your headshot to make sure that it reflects your unique personality, that it reflects your real casting, that it makes you look alive and real, not just a flat, plastic piece of paper that looks like just any other actor who is the same type as you.
  • A resume review with feedback to make sure that your resume is working for you not against you.  You will get tips that will maximize the quality of your credits to look as good as they can while still being truthful.
  • Walk out the door with your mailing to all of your agents (or managers) done in 2 hours or less, then all you have to do is stuff your letters and headshots in the envelopes. 

P.S. Using the Smart Girls Mailing system, you will typically receive calls anywhere from the NEXT DAY to three or four weeks later.

Call Smart Girls TODAY at 818/907-6511 for your appointment.

Since 1992, we have helped way over 5000 actors get agents through our professional Mailings to Agents. It's a very straightforward and powerful system that we use to create the best possible cover letter package for you to send out. Call today!

Call Smart Girls NOW at 818/907-6511 for your Agent Mailng.

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